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jBPM Developer Guide

Hi guys and girls, I want to share with the community the upcoming release(December 20th) of my first book called jBPM Developer Guide, published by PacktPub. This book is about JBoss jBPM from the perspective of a developer. The book tries to guide the reader to understand the framework internals talking about the theoretical background used to implement it.

I think you will find this useful if you are a developer that wants to know how to use the framework, or if you are working on a project that already uses it. It will  explain in detail the internal behavior of each node inside your processes, teaching you the best practices to model real situations.

The book is based on the 3.2.6.SP1 version of the framework (I chose this version based on two main characteristics: adoption and maturity), but all the theoretical as well as conceptual and practical topics can be used to understand new releases of jBPM.

The only personal reason that I had for writing this book was to help the community adopt this great and mature framework, reducing the learning curve through the use of practical examples.

You can see a detailed description of the book and pre-order it by clicking on the following image:

Don't hesitate to send me comments, questions, or your thoughts about the book.

Enjoy it!