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If you are a sponsor or supporter of this blog (paid member), you are the driving force behind the creation of monthly Cloud-Native Snapshot reports covering projects and companies involved in the CNCF and Cloud-Native landscape. These reports aim to inform C-Level and Architect-level practitioners looking to understand how projects evolve. I will be doing some collaborations with CNCF Working Groups, and I will be reporting back on events, trends, and time-sensitive developments in the space.

At the same time, you will support the creation of public hands-on tutorials, presentations, and collaborations that I am driving in the CNCF space.

This time-sensitive content seeks to provide information about projects and initiatives, connecting people to special interest groups and removing the buzz and marketing hype of specific companies and projects. As a Supporter, you will be listed in every report in the Thank You section beside the company/organization sponsors.

For Companies and organizations that want to sponsor these reports, I've created an Org/Company tier which provides companies and organizations an independent voice to talk about their projects and initiatives. You will find this option when hitting the subscribe button.

I will hold monthly calls for supporters and organizations to chat about the reports and relevant topics in the Cloud-Native space.

Please reach out if you are interested in more or other content based on my experience. I also want to explore having monthly video calls to discuss these reports and network among members. Let me know what you think about this. Would it be useful? Drop me a comment here or a message on Twitter @Salaboy.

See you all out there!

Update May 23: Provisioning Cloud Resources Report Published for paid members. You can find a preview here: