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jBPM vs Drools Flow battle is over?

I was reading Alejandro Guizar's blog, and I found a blog post called: "Open Letter to the jBPM community" . The post mention that he is now in charge of the project because the Project Lead (Tom Baeyens) and Joram Barrez left JBoss/Red Hat (!!!??!!!). Very strange news for the community and all the starting projects that choose jBPM as their BPM Engine. This post also explain that the upcoming releases will be delayed (WTF???). I hope that the jBPM team (at least the guys that continue there) can continue the project, because it was a great initiative.

Would be nice to see some comparison between jBPM BPMN2 implementation and Drools Flow BPMN2 implementation, to see if process are portable and all that kind of stuff. I will be publishing in the next few weeks a lot of examples using the Drools Flow BPMN2 implementation that is under heavy development. Also if you are trying  Drools Flow implementation and you have doubts or trouble with a process definition or execution don't hesitate to post me a comment.

Good luck to the jBPM team and to all jBPM the community!