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jBPM 5: are you ready for the future?

Check out this presentation about jBPM 5. Good work Kris!


Description: Business Process Management (BPM) technology offers you the capability to better manage and streamline your business processes. jBPM5 continues its vision in this area by offering an open-source, lightweight, embeddable process engine for executing business processes. Combined with the necessary services and tooling, this allows not only developers but also business users to manage your processes more efficiently throughout their entire lifecycle. A lot is happening in the BPM area as well, with the introduction of the BPMN 2.0 standard, the increasing interest in more dynamic and adaptive processes, integration with business rules and event processing, etc. This presentation will show you how jBPM5 tackles these challenges and give you an overview of the most important features.

Presenter: Kris Verlaenen is leading the jBPM5 effort. He is also one of the core developers of the Drools project, to which he started contributing in 2006. After finishing his PhD in Computer Science in 2008, he joined JBoss full-time and became the Drools Flow lead. He also has a keen interest in the healthcare domain, one of the areas that have already shown to have a great need for a unified process, rule and event processing framework.