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Drools and jBPM5 in Argentina!

There will be a very busy June, but I'm pretty happy to see that Drools and jBPM is all over the world! I will start June in Seattle, US doing some consulting work, in the middle a full week of Drools and jBPM5 here in Argentina and finally Jazoon in Zurich! The good news is that there are a lot of surprises coming during the next month and I'm pretty exited to see how everything just flow. If you are  near Buenos Aires, you must attend to the two days Workshop provided by the Drools Core Team members. I will be doing a talk there and showing how you can leverage the power of Drools and jBPM5 in your company. Probably I will be also doing some advertising about the new jBPM5 Dev Guide book and the Community Training courses as always! I hope to see you all there!

PS: I'm back to my blog, stay tuned!