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Rules Fest 2011: Emergency Services

Hi there, I've just finish my session in Rules Fest 2011, I wanna thanks all the organizers and all the attendees for the opportunity and the feedback about my session. I will definitely will be here next year trying to share more lesson learned and hopefully cooler stuff!


[slideshare id=9864192&doc=resources-3-111024183753-phpapp02]


The cool thing is that I don't need to add the speaker notes because Carole-Ann write a review about my session with the description about the Demo app!

You can find the post here: http://techondec.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/rulesfest-2011-mauricio-salatino-rules-processes-and-complex-event-processing/

Thank you all! specially @ilesteban and @calcacuervo that work with me to create and code the demo application!

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