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jBPM5 Developer Guide - Request for Feedback

Hi everyone, as you may know, I'm working to deliver the next version of my previous book called jBPM Developer Guide published by Packt Publishing [UK].  I'm focused right now to round up this work and publish the new version (via Packt) at the beginning of next year. But before closing all the topics and move all the chapters drafts for the final stage, I would like to receive feedback from the community. I would like to gather and receive comments about the topics that this books should cover beyond the basic ones.

Covered Topics

The following list contains all the topics that I consider that must be covered by a book titled jBPM Developer Guide:

  • Theoretical Background on BPM
  • BPM related topics, technologies and disciplines (SOA, EDA, ESB, BRMS)
  • BPM Systems Structure
  • BPMN 2.0 Specification Introduction, Why it is important
  • WS-HT Specification
  • Deep dive into Human Interactions and the Human Task Component
  • How jBPM5 is compared with traditional BPM Systems
  • jBPM5 Initial Approach - Testing Framework
  • jBPM5 Internals
  • jBPM5 Tooling
  • Domain Specific Activities + Repository
  • How jBPM5 is related to Drools and how the can work together to model complex business scenarios
  • How jBPM5 share mechanisms with Drools
  • How jBPM5 can be integrated with traditional software components and mechanisms (distributed caches, graph oriented databases, messaging systems, etc)
  • How jBPM5 can be used with Drools Fusion
  • Different options to architect your application around jBPM5 & Drools
  • Changes from the previous version jBPM3/jPDL - Migration path
  • <<ADD YOURS HERE -> Please post a Comment>>

I will be updating this list of topics based on your comments. But before posting please keep the following points in mind in order to suggest extra topics:

  • I cannot include all the topics that I want
  • A book never covers all the existing topics, this jBPM5 Developer Guide doesn't aim to be a jBPM5 Bible
  • All the proposed topics must include examples that will be developed along the book
  • The book try to cover all the theoretical background needed to help you to understand and tackle new and uncovered problems. I prefer to include the guidelines and make focus on design patterns instead of covering all the possible implementations and technical solutions.
  • The book should start simple, with simple examples that morph in more complex scenarios. I cannot cover advanced topics, like for example clustering or distributed transactions if I don't spend a chapter describing why and when you need to think about those topics. For this example, both clustering and distributed transactions are generic technical topics that can be covered by other books or projects documentation. I will include in this version of the book all the necessary references to cover such topics.
  • This book is not just about jBPM5 it must cover and introduce Drools & Drools Fusion to an intermediate level

As I mention, I really appreciate any comments on this. I will try to advertise this post as much as I can, but if you can help me spreading the word I can provide a better reading material for all of you!

Keep in mind the fact that I wanna publish this book on Q1 2012, so the sooner you post more chances do you get to get included in the book.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year for everyone! - Salaboy 2011