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Drools Workshops Chile/Argentina (Nov/15)

Hi Everyone, I'm going to South America for two weeks in November and I'm planning to deliver two community workshops around Drools and jBPM. The workshops will be mostly focused on Drools (time restrictions) but I will try to include brief intro about jBPM as well.

I've drafted an initial agenda, that might change based on the feedback from people that is planning to attend. Feel free to drop me a comment if you want to see something in particular. I will do my best to accommodate more topics based on the amount of time that we have available.

Spanish Version


Initially these are the dates and cities for the Workshops:

If you are interest in attending please get in touch with me or the organisers in each of the cities and if you can help me to spread the word about these workshops I will appreciate it. The more community members that we can gather the better the workshops are, mostly because we can all share experiences, headaches and future roadmaps.

Suggested Agenda

Here is my initial draft for the Agenda (this might change based on feedback) 1) Intro to Drools2) Creating a Simple Project3) Intro to the new KIE Server, how to integrate our apps with Drools4) Overview about the KIE Workbench5) Roadmap (7.x and future)6) Drools + Microservices (Docker/Kubernetes)7) Community Stories (here I will encourage the participants to share their use cases, if you are interested in giving a very short presentation about what your project is about please let me know, so we can create a list)Feel free to drop me a message if you want to add something to it. The idea is to work with our laptops and get an application working by the end of the day. If we all work together during the Workshop we will be able to make it more interactive and share more experiences and doubts. I would like to avoid giving too much presentations, so I will try to keep these meet ups as hands on as possible.

Workshop ChileLimited seats available, get your ticket now!  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drools-workshop-santiago-chile-tickets-18794059538

I will be updating this post with more news every week so stay tuned!