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GeeCon '18: Lessons Learned - Spring Cloud in Activiti OSS

I had a great time in Krakow, Poland at GeeCon 18' the 10th edition of this highly recognised conference focused in Java. In general the conference was amazing, excellent venue, great weather, beautiful city great talks and an amazing Java Community. You cannot ask for anything else.

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My presentation was about what we have learnt in the past 9 months of heavy work around Activiti & Activiti Cloud. I cover a brief summary of all the major steps into transforming a big monolith into a set of reusable cloud native building blocks. A lot of the emphasis in the presentation was about the core challenges when targeting Kubernetes from a Java Developer perspective. I closed the presentation with a quick demo around Spring Cloud Kubernetes and JenkinsX to demonstrate that by collaborating and engaging with other communities we can make sure that we do not reinvent the wheel and adopt well know good practices.

[slideshare id=96692853&doc=from-javaee-to-spring-cloud-180511092837]

I will update this blog post with more pics and the video of the session as soon as it is published.

Next stop Japan JJUG CCC SPRING 2018 Conference!