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JJUG CCC 2018: Spring Cloud -> Docker -> Kubernetes

We (@daisuke_yoshimo and myself) presented our lessons learned about Spring Cloud, Docker and Kubernetes while designing, implementing and testing Activiti Cloud.

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Here are the slides and the source code repositories to run the demo that we showed during the presentation which included Jenkins X and Spring Cloud Kubernetes.

[slideshare id=98864259&doc=springcloud-docker-kubernetes-180526074218]

Github Projects

These simple projects demonstrate the core technology that we are using inside Activiti Cloud to make it Cloud Native.

In the following blog post you can find instructions about how to get these services running in your cluster: /2018/05/24/spring-cloud-kubernetes-example/

Also if you are interested in Jenkins X you can also find some instructions to get your cluster up and running here: /2018/05/15/activiti-cloud-jenkins-x-blueprint-in-aws-and-gce/