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jBCN Conf '18: Kubernetes, Cloud Native Java & Jenkins X

Everything ready here to go Barcelona for another edition of jBCN Conf!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 06.02.43.png

As part of our Activiti Cloud project, we wanted to share with people a 2hs workshop on how to create Cloud Native Applications that can leverage Kubernetes (http://www.jbcnconf.com/2018/infoTalk.html?id=24). To speed up the development process, we will be using Jenkins X and a real Kubernetes Cluster running in GCE (GKE).

This involves quite a complicated setup, so we wanted to share with you guys the list of requirements for the workshop. We will be performing this workshop right after the Jenkins X workshop with the idea that you can reuse the created cluster plus the Jenkins X installation. Please look at the following document


Because we will be loading some more complex examples, you are recommended to have installed a Linux/Mac OSX environment with the normal and expected tools to work with Java. Those are: JDK, Maven, GIT, (Optional)Docker and (Optional)NPM/Node if you want to run the UI locally.

Finally, I do recommend, to save time please create an account on Google Cloud and request a Free Trial for the Kubernetes Engine, following this link: ((300USD credit) account in Google Cloud by accessing this link: https://console.cloud.google.com/freetrial)

By creating a cluster under your own account you will be able to keep using it even after the event and you are not going to be charged anything after your 300 USD credit run out. But you require a Credit Card for Identity Verification.

See you all in Barcelona!

PS: right after the workshop we will be publishing the entire script so you can reproduce and look at the projects after the session.