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Activiti Cloud Workshop in Kubernetes with Jenkins X

Hi everyone! Yesterday we did a workshop at @JBCNConf about using Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Kubernetes, Jenkins X and Activiti Cloud.

It was the first time that we did a full 2hs session to deploying a set of services which implement the Activiti Cloud BluePrint. Notice that this was not a simple "hello world" exercise. We deployed 7 backend services (forking and cloning 7 repositories from github), a Front End application and we configured Jenkins X, Nexus and a Kubernetes Cluster in GKE. This can be done in 2hs if you have some Kubernetes experience, but the main focus was to help people to go through the journey and getting their hands dirty by solving issues and problems that might appear.

Introductory slides here:

[slideshare id=102281681&doc=cloudnativekubernetes-180613091946]

You can find a brief description of the scenario that we are implementing here:


The good thing, is that you can do the workshop from the comfort of your home following the instructions provided here:


During the workshop you will learn about:

  • Activiti Cloud
  • Spring Cloud
  • Spring Cloud in Kubernetes
    • Configuration
    • Discovery
    • Client Side Load Balancing
  • Kubernetes Deployments
  • Jenkins X

If you are interested in having a webinar or a virtual session with this content drop us a message, and we will happy coordinate a session.