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LJC / July '18: Spring Cloud -> Docker -> K8s

Here our slides from yesterday's presentation @ the London Java Community group.

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It was a night full of containers and interesting lessons learned stories. It is our duty as Java Community to make sure that we do our homework and learn about how Containers (Docker) and Orchestrators (Kubernetes) will shape the future of Java.

Special thanks to @MaximumGilliard for the hacking session on CDS and AOT

There is a lot to catch up, and as I mention yesterday, we hope that this presentation serve as a set of pointers of projects to look into if you are planning to embrace the Cloud Native Journey.

[slideshare id=106399749&doc=ljc-july-18-lessons-learned-sc-docker-k8s-180718080755]

Here some useful links mentioned in the presentation:

I will update this blog when the video recordings are available.

Stay tuned!