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Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #57

Beta1 release time has arrived. We are working on merging the last round of APIs refactoring and the Beta1 release process will start today. Stay tuned for a blog post about what is included and what is not in our first Beta1 release.

@almerico Working on configuration and helm chart creation for GKE cluster. Help Igor with presentation cluster. Learn how to create skaffold multi image configurations.

@daisuke-yoshimoto worked on adding variables when throwing signals https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/pull/1951 https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-cloud-runtime-bundle-service/pull/70 . Also, he is working on applying new audit service API interface to https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-cloud-audit-service-mongo.

@miguelruizdev worked on covering all hruser cases in activiti-cloud-acceptance-tests, implementing parameterization in JBehave stories and shared session variables within scenarios.

@balsarori Working on integrating/routing forms with process engine / runtime bundle.

@constantin-ciobotaru --holidays--

@lucianoprea start working on some issues regarding process instance variables from runtime-bundle.

@ryandawsonuk brought the activiti infrastrastructure and application charts together into a single activiti-cloud-full-example chart that deploys a an example app. Deployed this to some vanilla clusters on different cloud providers to check the setup and provide README instructions.

@erdemedeiros worked with @Salaboy on the 3rd round of refactorings for the API. Merged the 2nd round of refactorings for the API on develop.

@salaboy working on the 3rd round of API refactoring pre beta1 release.

Get in touch if you want to contribute: https://gitter.im/Activiti/Activiti7

We are looking forward to mentor people on the technologies that we are using to submit their first Pull Request ;)