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Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #61

Last week we worked hard on updating the Trending Topics Campaign workshop to work with Keycloak and aligned dependencies for Beta1 and latest snapshots. This week we are pushing our CI/CD approach to move away from fixed versions for all the services and enable fast development cycles for our Cloud Native Building Blocks. There is some more work around SSO and IDM around our workshop and there are in progress discussions about the architecture of a set of UI/Operation controllers to report on inflight operations inside the infrastructure.

@ffazzini cloud connector definition and runtime https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/issues/1972 https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/issues/1982

@lucianoprea worked on testing the Activiti Cloud HELM Charts

@balsarori Created PR which removes all activiti5 compatibility code from the activiti 7 code base.

@igdianov working to solve https://github.com/jenkins-x/jx/issues/1563. Found solution via customizing Jenkins-X pod templates via myvalues.yaml configuration

@cristina-sirbu working on the spring boot starter for Events Adapter

@constantin-ciobotaru worked on modeling service for moving endpoint from aps to community

@almerico Worked on helm deployment to install models to  APS injenkins X pipelines.

@miguelruizdev kept working in the keycloak implementation within the ttc-dashboard angular project (front end of the TTC Workshop) following the keycloak.js api

@ryandawsonuk initial skipe on CI/CD for community projects (libs)

@erdemedeiros set up a cluster with TTC examples; started writing acceptance tests to cover TTC examples.

@salaboy worked on Spring Cloud Kubernetes Discovery filters for Service and worked with @constantin-ciobotaru to refine the backend services for the Modeling Application.

Get in touch if you want to contribute: https://gitter.im/Activiti/Activiti7

We are looking forward to mentor people on the technologies that we are using to submit their first Pull Request ;)