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SpringOne Platform(@s1p) is around the corner!

I’m really excited to be part of the SpringOne Platform | September 24–27, 2018 | Washington, D.C. conference this year. The agenda is just amazing covering topics from: KNative, Project Riff, Istio, Spring Cloud Kubernetes, etc.

I am delighted to be presenting with no less than the Spring Cloud CoLeader, Spencer Gibb (@spencerbgibb). We are going to be presenting about Spring Cloud on PKS and how this journey looks for Java Developers (that is happening Thursday 27th Sept 10:30 am - 11:40 am).

We are working on a demo to show the Spring Cloud Kubernetes project in action and I look forward to hear what the Spring community feedback. You can find the preliminary work in GitHub: https://github.com/Salaboy?tab=repositories&q=s1p

After the conference I will be uploading all the materials and probably a video on how to reproduce the demo that we will be presenting. Also I will try to update this blog post with the live feed.

I will be also doing a lighting talk: From Spring Boot to Kubernetes on Monday (24th Sept).

You can use the following code “Attendee_Speaker_100” to save 100 USD on the registration fees.

If you are attending, and interested in the stuff that we are working on, get in touch via twitter or drop me a message here and we can do some hacking together.

See you all there!