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Spring Cloud Kubernetes Community Catchup

Yesterday (Tuesday 16/10/2018) we had a quick catch up with @iocanel and @geoand about the opened issues about the Spring Cloud Kubernetes. We hope to be able to meet up weekly to discuss progress and future plans.

Among the most important topics that we discussed yesterday we recognised some action items:

  • Documentation alignment to AsciiDoc
  • Testing done against real clusters (microk8s.io, GKE, Openshift, alternatives)
    • For PR validation
    • For Integration Testing
  • Examples to facilitate adoption (similar to S1P demo)

We also discussed about some future items that we will need to work on (based on https://github.com/spring-cloud/spring-cloud-kubernetes/issues ):

  • Distributed Timers using Kubernetes CronJobs and @Scheduled -> @salaboy will take the lead on this one
  • Kubernetes Service Catalog Integration
  • Spring Cloud Istio Awareness and Istio Services Client APIs review and adoption

If you re interested in these topics or if you want to get involved you can join us on our next catch up every Tuesday at 4:30pm London UK time using this Zoom Meeting link.

If you want to get an invite to your calendar get in touch and we can add you to the group.