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JHipster Conf: Rocks!

Last week I presented at JHipster Conf in Paris, France. It was the second edition of the conference and it was a lot of fun. The topics of the presentations were quite broad, from stories around people using the projects, companies sharing their experiences, how Open Collective is used and why it is really important for the project to very deep technical talks about the new stuff that it is coming to the project.

I was really happy about the opportunity to present my initial PoC of a JHipster K8s Operator, because I got a lot of feedback to move the project forward in a direction that can be useful for the entire community.

Slides & Video


[slideshare id=152190264&doc=jhipsterconf-final-190627124016]

JHipster K8s Operator work

Update: A new RFC for the JHipster K8s Operator Created here, get involved!

As I mention in the introduction, I got a lot of feedback from the core team, so I've created a branch into the repository called "jhipsterconf19" to host the code that I presented. Notice that there is a README.md file inside the repository that explain step by step how to get the Operator up and running into your Kubernetes cluster. Also, you might want to check out my previous blog, which guide you to get a local K8s environment running a JHipster App using Kubernetes KIND.

Based on the feedback I will be implementing the following changes in the master branch:

  • Remove Spring Cloud Gateway and create Ingress routes or/and Istio Gateway integration
  • Add new CRDs to jhipster kubernetes and jhipster kubernetes-helm generators with an option to generate these manifests.
  • Remove endpoint to send JDL file (due previous point) and due the fact that it feels more natural for the operator itself to monitor and not deploy
  • Add tests for the core services
  • Add integration tests
  • Create a pipeline in Azure DevOps for CD

If you want to get involved please get in touch, drop me a message or a tweet. I will be creating some issues in the the JHipster project as well to see if the community is interested in picking some of these things up.