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Why is the @ljcjug awesome?

Last week I had the pleasure to talk with my friend Ryan Dawson from Seldon.io at the London Java Community meetup, which was hosted at the Birkbeck University here in London.

The main topic of the evening was GoLang and our personal experiences as Java Developers while working on some projects with a different language, the toolchain and how bad it feels when we are out of our comfort zone.

I was surprised with the audience interaction, as we were not alone, others in the community has experienced the same pains with other languages and our presentations quickly became more like an open debate with several members of the group sharing their experiences and their opinions.

The value of these groups is directly proportional to the group interaction and how much each member gets out of the meetup and it really felt like we all won/learned something that night. We had both students and professors from the university present in the room and even if some bits of our presentations were too advanced for them, they came up with very good questions.

LJC is awesome because the people that show up really care about what they do and they have strong opinions, they are not shy to share them and the setup allows everyone to express their opinions in a safe environment.


Java to GoLang by Ryan Dawson

[slideshare id=229030707&doc=javatogolanganintro-increjectedslides-200224154424]

Zeebe Operator, a practical use case for GoLang in Kubernetes Land

[slideshare id=228730095&doc=ljc-zeebeoperator-feb-2020-200220164320]

Java vs Challengers

[slideshare id=229030640&doc=javavschallengerlanguages-200224154307]