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JNation 2020: From Monolith to K8s

I was really happy to participate in this online edition of JNation. I would have preferred to be presenting in Portugal, but the quality of other speakers and the content that was presented at the conference was amazing.

During my presentation, I wanted to share pointers to tools and lessons learned while going from a big Java monolith to a more distributed approach. I touch quickly on two main concepts from DDD (Domain Driven Design) Bounded Contexts and Context Maps, without trying to define them too deeply but more to show some practical considerations derived from them while implementing real-life solutions. The presentation is heavily oriented to share insights on what to look at in certain situations, more than to dictate solutions.

The conference is still live here: https://2020.jnation.pt/schedule/

Slides & Video

[slideshare id=234858925&doc=jnation-2020-frommonolithtok8s-200602080534]

Video Link to be added when available

Congrats to all the organisers for such an amazing experience!

I look forward to the 2021 edition of JNation.