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Knative OSS Diaries - week #22

Another week went by and I feel that significant progress has been made. func and the PoC of integrating with Tekton for OnCluster builds is evolving. New use cases for the CLI are popping up and we need to evaluate how the CLI can be used in different contexts. If you are interested you can take a look at the proposal document that is growing and I am excited to see different integration approach and that the discussion has move to not only Tekton, but other pipeline engines as well.

I do only see benefits to pursuing an Event-Driven approach using CD Events from the CDF as I've tried to explain the previous proposal document:

Using Events to trigger remote Builds and/or Deploys

This might not be the initial implementation, but going closer to that approach makes complete sense to me.

This past week I had the pleasure to join Viktor Farcic in a DevOps Toolkit AMA session titled Kubernetes for Developers. You can watch the session below:


During the session I covered a bit about my upcoming book: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes and we tried to answer as many questions as possible about Kubernetes.

And with that, I was planning to call it a year and go on holidays, but life keeps itself interesting and for that reason on Monday I am joining Salman Iqbal on Twitter Spaces to talk about Knative and why you should be taking a look at the project. If you are interested in the project you can join us Monday 6 Dec at 8:00pm UK Time.

And with that, I am closing the year. I am taking some time off to write, make some progress on the book examples and visit family and friends. For that reason Knative OSS Diaries will be on pause until the first week of January when I be back full time on the project. I hope everyone out there have a great and safe end of the year and as always feel free to reach out via Twitter @Salaboy as my DM are open.