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Knative OSS Weekly #41

Ok, VMware got acquired by Broadcom! 🤯🤯🤯🤯 I was not expecting something like this to happen, but now only time will tell how is that going to work out.

I was really surprised about the number $61bn is such a large number that I couldn't wrap my head around it. I remember the $34bn acquisition of Red Hat by IBM, and this was almost twice 🤯.

My personal commitment to Knative is stronger than ever, after this round of presentations my focus will be around pushing for 1.0 topics ("CRD-like refactoring for func.yaml" and "Knative Service export for override" are my two main priorities for the next couple of weeks) on Knative Functions and keeping the Knative Flows conversations moving forward. I would also love to make sure that the Knative Functions game ends up in an official repository so we can link it to the official docs.

In the meantime, I managed to take 3 days off and then come to Barcelona to present Knative Functions and Spring Cloud Functions at this amazing conference called Spring I/O 2022. Here you can find our slides, there will be more news coming about this example in the following weeks.

[slideshare id=251869594&doc=knativeandspring-bringingbackthefuncspringio-220527150038-c82e6390]

As part of Spring I/O I had a lot of very interesting conversations and I managed to meet in person folks that I've known only in Pull Requests :) The food and the weather were amazing, so I am looking forward to presenting here again. It was also interesting to see Knative in a lot of sessions, loads of Kubernetes and Cartographer.sh was discussed in the conference.

As part of our session, we had some live music and around 120 people playing live the Knative Functions Quiz Game!

I really appreciate the feedback that we got and this tweet really made all the effort that we put into the presentation worth it!

I am also happy to share with you all here the CDEventsCon videos about my presentation with Ishan Khare from Loft.sh


I haven't managed to submit proposals for KubeCon NA yet, but there are 3 proposals in the making, so next week is going to be tough, but short, as there are two UK national holidays coming.

Here are some pics from this week, as Spring I/O might become of my must conferences to come back every year.