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Cloud-Native Snapshots Reports (Monthly)

I decided to make the Cloud-Native Snapshot Reports available for everyone to read and comment on. I've been trying to find the right format for these reports for a while now, and last month (May 2023), I published the first report about Crossplane/Upbound only for my paying supporters of this blog.

Today (19th June 2023), I am publishing the second edition about a company called Loft Labs and a project called vcluster.

From now on, if you subscribe, a report will land in your inbox once a month. I find the exercise of sharing what is going on in the Cloud-Native world very rewarding, and I hope that the information contained in the reports is helpful for people evaluating the projects or the services/products offered by the companies behind these Open Source solutions.

Here are the links to the first two, and from now on, you can always return to the Cloud-Native Snapshots page.

If you have comments or questions or are interested in redistributing these reports, please get in touch!