KubeCon EU 2024 🥳🤯

Loads of exciting initiatives at KubeCon: - The Dapr project is getting more attention - Application Development Working Group was kick-started - Keptn and Argo collaborations ❤️ - Dagger is 🔥 - Cilium and eBPF have conquered the networking space - Big projects are applying for graduation
9 min read

Cloud-Native & OSS is thriving in Brazil

Last Saturday and Monday, I presented at two Brazilian events. The first edition of KCD Sao Paulo (sold out in less than an hour) hosted around 400 people, and a Sou Java meetup hosted by IFood with about 50 people.
4 min read

Back to basics: APIs to rule them all (Dapr on Kubernetes) #2

In this blog post, we will package and deploy the application we coded in the previous blog post to Kubernetes. We will create a local Kubernetes Cluster with Kubernetes KinD, install and configure Dapr, to finally deploy our application.
4 min read

KubeCon NA 2023

Last week KubeCon NA, was personally the most amazing and rewarding KubeCon so far! The highlight of my week was meeting with people interested in the just published and printed Platform Engineering on Kubernetes book.
6 min read

KubeCon Shanghai 2023

KubeCon Shanghai is over, and I am still mind-blown with the entire experience. The conference had 1800+ people attending in Shanghai, and companies like Huawei, Arm, Intel, and Alibaba Cloud were sponsoring the event.
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