Cloud-Native & OSS is thriving in Brazil

Last Saturday and Monday, I presented at two Brazilian events. The first edition of KCD Sao Paulo (sold out in less than an hour) hosted around 400 people, and a Sou Java meetup hosted by IFood with about 50 people.
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Wow! What a year it has been! After an incredible 2022, I thought it would be a difficult year to top up, but oh my! This year was intense, but in a perfect way. I’ve traveled the world and met amazing people. I want to thank everyone who approached me to say hello, get a book copy, or share a hug.
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Back to basics: APIs to rule them all (Dapr on Kubernetes) #2

In this blog post, we will package and deploy the application we coded in the previous blog post to Kubernetes. We will create a local Kubernetes Cluster with Kubernetes KinD, install and configure Dapr, to finally deploy our application.
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Back to basics: APIs to rule them all (Dapr Statestore APIs) #1

In this short blog post, I wanted to share some of the projects I've been working on lately. I hope that by sharing some of these integrations, experiments, and simple examples, you can apply some of the lessons I learned to your projects, so let's jump right into it.
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DevBcn 2023

I've been presenting at the JBCN / DevBCN conference, held in Barcelona, Spain, for eight years. Originally started as a Java Conference organized by the local Java User Group, I watched the conference grow from a few hundred people to 1000+.
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Devoxx UK 2023

Devoxx UK, a conference for seasoned Intermediate/Senior Java developers, a bit of Cloud and a lot of architecture. In this short blog post, I wanted to share some of the topics I've found interesting and some hall track discussions I had during the conference. Take these as my personal notes.
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2022 is a challenging year for me to describe. I met so many amazing people from all over the world, and the rewards and experiences I got through the year were unimaginable back in January.
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Dapr and Knative Functions

Yesterday I finished my second week at, and I couldn’t be more excited about what is coming
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The Challenges of Platform Building on Top of Kubernetes 4/4

TLTR: We have reached a point where the adoption and understanding of Kubernetes and Kubernetes tools are mature enough to
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Knative OSS Weekly #52

52 weeks == 1 YEAR! But we definitely need a new way to measure time in Open Source communities because it
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