KubeCon EU 2024 🥳🤯

Loads of exciting initiatives at KubeCon: - The Dapr project is getting more attention - Application Development Working Group was kick-started - Keptn and Argo collaborations ❤️ - Dagger is 🔥 - Cilium and eBPF have conquered the networking space - Big projects are applying for graduation
9 min read

Learning in the Open

I wanted to focus on lessons learned when interacting with different projects, advice for people looking to contribute to open-source projects, and suggestions for teams “fighting” against myriad tools being thrown at them daily.
10 min read

Book updates and beta testers request

I have been quiet lately because I've been focused on finishing my book Platform Engineering on Kubernetes. Hopefully, the printed version will see the light closer to November this year. A Chinese publisher partnered with Manning and will translate the book into Chinese.
4 min read

Cost-Effective Multi-tenancy on Kubernetes

Provisioning Kubernetes Clusters is expensive and becomes problematic if your organization or customers demand tenant isolation. In this report, I decided to cover vcluster and Loft Labs.
6 min read

Provisioning Cloud Resources

Crossplane (the project) has matured fast and is ready for its prime time. The Open Source project is a safe bet today. The company behind the project (Upbound) had created impressive momentum bringing collaborations from large companies in the Cloud-Native space to contribute back.
4 min read