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jBPM5 Community Training – Module #4: The jBPM5 API Overview

Hi there, I'm here again with a new module for the jBPM5 Community Training. In this occasion it's time to take a look at the jBPM5 APIs and components followed by a Sample project containing some tests. The main idea of this module is to show you a running project that demonstrate the basic functionality of jBPM5. This module also gives you an overview about basic interaction with our business processes and business rules. Check it out and please send me feedback or questions that you might have!

Module #4: The jBPM5 API Overview

This module is about start using jBPM5 and the things that you need to know in order to understand the basic concepts about how it works. During this module you can download and play with a sample project that define a simple business process with some business rules. This module provides different tests that shows how to interact with our processes in different ways and how to test the behavior unit testing them.

The following topics are covered inside this module:

  • jBPM5 API Overview
    • Basic Concepts and Components
    • Knowledge Builder
    • Knowledge Base
    • Knowledge Session
  • Hands On Labs
    • Downloading the Source Code
    • Loading the Source Code in you IDE
    • Sample Use Case
    • Homework

Slides[slideshare id=7002191&doc=jbpm5communitytrainingmodule4jbpm5apisov-110221135134-phpapp02]

Notice that I've relocated the github repository to:


Future revisions of this module will include:

Useful Links

Check out the training source code example projects (relocated, please re clone):


GIT on IntelliJ -> http://wiki.jetbrains.net/intellij/Using_Git_Locally

GIT on Netbeans -> http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/ide/git.html?intcmp=925655

FeedbackYou can take a look at the “Contact Me” section for more information about this training course, suggestions, questions, feature requests, etc. Don’t be shy, your feedback helps to improve the quality of the material and to discover the important topics that needs to be addresses to reduce the learning hype.

Special ThanksSpecial thanks to www.plugtree.com to support the jBPM5 community.

Special thanks to Alejandro “ivcoti” Ramirez for the jBPM5 Logo!