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jBPM5 Community Training – Module #0: Baby Steps Examples

Hi there, I'm happy to announce that a new module was added to the jBPM5 Community Training. Thanks to the community involvement Julio Faerman provide a new first chapter showing very simple examples to new comers. I add to the roadmap the first module now called Module #0: Baby Steps Examples. Julio also provides a presentation that shows a very quick overview about the topics that you will find in the example project.

Module #0: Baby Steps Examples

This module covers very simple example for people that wants to get started with jBPM5 and some concepts related with Drools Business Rules. Take a look at the slides and the example project hosted on:



[slideshare id=7220192&doc=jbpm5communitytrainningbabysteps-110310104605-phpapp02]


Special Thanks

Obviously to Julio for this amazing contribution. Follow him on twitter @jmfaerman for more updates!