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Drools Workshop In Argentina (June 17th, 2011)

Hi everyone, I'm just uploading the videos that we get from the last Drools Bootcamp in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All the talks are in English but mine about the Emergency Services application is in Spanish.

All the talks are hosted in Vimeo, so feel free to publish the talks in different sites to spread the word about Drools & jBPM5.

I will try to write some reviews about each talk highlighting the important topics covered in each of them for you to have as a reference.


Applying CEP with Drools Fusion by Edson Tirelli

[vimeo id='26779114']

Emergency Services Drools & jBPM5 App Overview by Salaboy

[vimeo id='26776059']

Chance and Semantics in Drools by Davide Sottara

[vimeo id='26778037']

Drools Planner Overview by Geoffrey De Smet

[vimeo id='26780401']

More videos Here!