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Drools Workshop In Argentina (June 17th, 2011) Cont.

Here I'm posting the remaining sessions of the Drools Day here in Argentina. This event takes place at the Melia Hotel here in Buenos Aires. As I mention in my previous post, I will try to write some summaries of the videos as soon as I find some free time.

Expert System Introduction (Mark Proctor)

[vimeo id='27153793']

Next Gen JBoss Tech (Ray Ploski)

[vimeo id='27155799']

Drools & Large Data Sets (Alexandre Porcelli)

[vimeo id='27209589']

jBPM5 Workflow Overview (Kris Verlaenen)

[vimeo id='27178191']

Decision Tables Introduction (Michael Anstis)

[vimeo id='27157197']