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Drools 5 Community Training – Module #3: Drools Expert DRL Syntax

Hi all! Here I’m sharing two simple presentations that shows and exemplifies the DRL language syntax.  The main idea of these presentation is to show you how to write rules. Check out the sample projects to understand how you can use different Conditional Elements to write your business logic!  You can also take a look at the updated roadmap for the Drools 5 Community Training here.

Module #3: Drools Expert DRL Syntax

The agenda for this module contains:

  • Introduction to Drools Expert
  • Drools DRL Syntax Introduction
    • Left Hand Side Conditional Elements
    • Right Hand Side Consequences (Actions)
    • Rules Attributes
    • Queries
  • Drools 5 APIs Introduction


[slideshare id=9137632&doc=drools5communitytrainingmodule3droolsexpe-110905083746-phpapp02]

Hands on

[slideshare id=9137999&doc=04drools5communitytraininghandson1drools-110905091420-phpapp01]

Important Links

Code repository (github.com): https://github.com/Salaboy/Drools_jBPM5-Training-Examples

Drools 5 Community Training Roadmap

Stay Tuned!