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JudCon Brazil 2013: jBPM & The jBPM Console NG Presentations

It seems that I'm back to my blog! After being a week of on vacations I came back decided to blog regularly about the work that is being done in the Drools and jBPM project. In this occasion I wanted to share the slides from my talks in JudCon Brazil 2013. It was a great first edition of JudCon in Brazil and it was an honour to be part of it. Here you can find some pictures about the event. If you guys have more pictures and want to send the link, please post a comment here.

The Slides

My first talk was about jBPM, the framework and all the components provided by the project.  The agenda for this talk was:

  • What is BPM?
    • Business Process
    • BPMS
  • Technical Perspective (jBPM)
    • Architecture / Components
    • How jBPM fits in our infrastructure?
    • Why jBPM? and How to?

[slideshare id=19276821&doc=jbpm-intro-judcon-brazil2013-130420074304-phpapp02]

The second talk was about the jBPM Console NG. I did a live demo about the current status of the application and talk a little bit about how you can contributed with the project. For more information about the project and how you can test it you can check my previous post. The agenda for this talk was:

  • What is the jBPM Console NG?
    • Infrastructure + Architecture
  • Uberfire (http://droolsjbpm.github.io/uberfire)
  • jBPM Console NG - Features
  • Walkthrough (a new blog planned showing what I did in the presentation)
  • Contributions (another blog post planned about this topic)

[slideshare id=20254537&doc=jbpm-console-ng-new-130430072704-phpapp01]

As always, Enjoy! and post a comment back if you have feedback about the presentations or the projects!