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My (almost) 5 years journey @ JBoss (RedHat)

After almost 5 years in JBoss/Red Hat, it is time for me to move on to the next challenge. It has been an amazing experience and hell of a ride. I’ve learned a lot about software, how Open Source software is built and how communities evolve. As you all know me,  I am and I will keep being part of the Drools & jBPM community. I will keep investing time in spreading the word about Rule Engines, Processes Engines and any other form of Business  Automation tools that can be used to create smarter solutions. I still see myself designing and architecting these solutions. But nowadays these solutions are not generic frameworks or tools for other engineers, these solutions are real life, user-friendly applications that can be deployed in real life (domain specific) scenarios.

My strong commitment to Open Source software is still here, and for that reason, I will keep using and producing Open Source software, but more importantly I will keep spreading the word.  The moment that I made the decision to move on, I knew that I will need to push myself to write here more frequently and I have the feeling that I will have a lot to write about from my new endeavor.

So briefing up, if you are interested in topics such as BPM, BRM, Knowledge Formalization & Automation plus real-life implementations of these tools keep an eye on this blog (probably my medium account as well), my twitter (@salaboy) account and my GitHub account (http:github.com/salaboy).