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Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #35

Last week we spend a lot of time working and reshaping our maven structure to improve how dependencies are managed across our repositories. This is our third iteration around this topic and it is always painful but it is getting better. @mteodori also introduced a new repository called “activiti-scripts” which includes some handy scripts to clone and build all our repositories at once.

@diegonayalazo working on acceptance tests for our Trending Topic Campaigns BluePrint.

@igdianov exposing our notifications mechanisms right into our gateway component, which makes the architecture and security mechanisms much more simple.

@daisuke-yoshimoto is working on refactoring the pull requests about Signal Throw Event Cloud Behavior.https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/pull/1783 https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-cloud-runtime-bundle-service/pull/38

@constantin-ciobotaru added acceptance tests scenarios: “create a group”, “create a subgroup”, “create a project”, “create a process model in a project”, “create the second version of an existing version of a process model”

@lucianoprea did some changes on the validation endpoint for Process Model Service to be available in Organization Service and looked over the issues that are currently blocking the development demo-ui app.

@mteodori POM cleanup https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/issues/1675, update to Spring Cloud M7  https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/issues/1790 and fixing demo UI client for ADF https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/issues/1805

@ffazzini https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/issues/1698

@balsarori Created pull request to move MQServiceTaskBehvior dependency (via expression) outside engine (Acitiviti/Activiti) and another pull request to include it in runtime bundle.

@ryandawsonuk created pull requests to send task candidate events to the query module (https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-cloud-runtime-bundle-service/pull/39) and use them to add access-restrictions (https://github.com/Activiti/activiti-cloud-query-service/pull/25)

@erdemedeiros fixed pagination metadata Alfresco REST APIs guidelines PoC (https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti/issues/1419).

@salaboy worked on the spring cloud kubernetes PR for Spring Boot 2: https://github.com/spring-cloud-incubator/spring-cloud-kubernetes/pull/152 still adding refining and adding examples. Also published a couple of videos about Activiti Cloud Overview and the Trending Topic Campaigns BluePrint

This week we will be presenting at the London Microservices Meetup, if you are around try to join us. After the meetup we will start our Early Access release process for our February milestone.

Get in touch if you want to contribute: https://gitter.im/Activiti/Activiti7

We are looking forward to mentor people on the technologies that we are using to submit their first Pull Request ;)