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Knative OSS diaries – week #13

I can't express in words the level of excitement that I am seeing in the Knative community these days. We are going 1.0 GA and we have a fixed date for the release 2nd November 2021 🥳🥳🥳. This is going to be announced next week at KubeCon NA and I am hoping to read/hear what people thinks about this.  If you are a Knative user, I can stress enough the fact that you should get in touch with the community via Slack or via GitHub issues (Are you using Knative?) and let us know what do you like and what do you miss in Knative. Going GA means that we recommend these components to be used for production environments and we know for sure that people out there is already using them. This release also means that after it we can start planning for future release hence it is a great time to get involved.

Next week KubeCon NA is happening in LA and as you might already heard I am only joining virtually this year, but I am really looking forward for the Q&A session and I am planning to be active in twitter to answer questions and also ask question to other presenters. My session is about tools that I consider fundamental to build a SaaS platforms. I am covering tools like Helm, Crossplane, Tekton and Knative and explain how you can glue them together to build the core components that you will need to serve an example. You can find all the source code to run the examples in my From Monolith to K8s repository in GitHub. It is quite interesting to see that since I recorded the talk I found some other projects and initiatives that are worth adding to future presentations as Carvel kapp, Carvel YTT and the big news of the week Zero Trust Supply Chain Security and SLSA. It will be great to add these to the demo that I am presenting at KubeCon and also add them to the book that I am writing: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes.

Stay tuned and have a great weekend! See you all online for KubeCon!