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GOTO Aarhus 2023

It is a wrap! Here are my notes about GOTO Aarhus. The conference was very well organized and brought speakers worldwide to this beautiful city in Denmark.
GOTO Aarhus 2023

It is a wrap! Here are my notes about GOTO Aarhus. The conference was very well organized and brought speakers from all over the world. I enjoyed the more high-level presentation about the evolution of software engineering and how we (as an industry) are evolving with remote work, distributed teams, and companies that don't fully embrace that movement.

I had the chance to have chats about Platform Engineering with some local folks working on different startups, and to my surprise, 70% of the attendees to my talk were already familiar with Kubernetes.


  • Tech Radar from Thoughtworks , architecture, new trends
  • Influential (canonical) books in software engineering: CD, Building Microservices, Building Evolutionary Architectures, Flow, Accelerate (DORA), Team topologies

Based on the opening keynote, I am happy to say most of the work happening in the CNCF space is based on these books, and the industry is well on its way to having these practices as the bases for everything we build.

My presentation went well, and I am happy to say that the message in my presentations is refining to a point where multiple new presentations can be created. I am making progress on more advanced examples to show in action all the Platform Capabilities I have in mind.

I kept reflecting on GraalVM, is GraalVM the future of Java? Well.. that depends. I believe that GraalVM is the best bet for bringing the Java community to WebAssembly. GraalVM is a complex project, it is a compiler,  a parser,  a runtime, and it is well-optimized and supports multiple languages. Initially, GraalVM performance was compared to Go. Still, now I see GraalVM as the only chance the Java community has to compete with Go/TinyGo and RUST features to create WebAssembly apps instead of native binary executables. From time to time, you will see me talking about this because I want to follow up on what is happening in that space.  

I had a couple of chats that made me think about what is coming next and a couple of proposals for KubeCon NA Chicago and topics to write after the book. More on this coming soon.

In the meantime, I got my hands dirty writing some mutation webhooks for Kubernetes and planning the next phase for Dapr Ambient.  

Now it is time to return home and finish the book so it can be printed!

See you all soon!

Slides and Pics

I will upload the recordings and interviews when they are online.