Back to basics: APIs to rule them all (Dapr Statestore APIs) #1

In this short blog post, I wanted to share some of the projects I've been working on lately. I hope that by sharing some of these integrations, experiments, and simple examples, you can apply some of the lessons I learned to your projects, so let's jump right into it.
5 min read

KubeCon NA 2023

Last week KubeCon NA, was personally the most amazing and rewarding KubeCon so far! The highlight of my week was meeting with people interested in the just published and printed Platform Engineering on Kubernetes book.
6 min read

KubeCon Shanghai 2023

KubeCon Shanghai is over, and I am still mind-blown with the entire experience. The conference had 1800+ people attending in Shanghai, and companies like Huawei, Arm, Intel, and Alibaba Cloud were sponsoring the event.
3 min read

DevBcn 2023

I've been presenting at the JBCN / DevBCN conference, held in Barcelona, Spain, for eight years. Originally started as a Java Conference organized by the local Java User Group, I watched the conference grow from a few hundred people to 1000+.
3 min read

Spring I/O 2023

I had a lot of fun at Spring I/O in Barcelona, Spain. The conference is entirely focused on the Spring Ecosystem.
4 min read

Devoxx UK 2023

Devoxx UK, a conference for seasoned Intermediate/Senior Java developers, a bit of Cloud and a lot of architecture. In this short blog post, I wanted to share some of the topics I've found interesting and some hall track discussions I had during the conference. Take these as my personal notes.
4 min read

It's about the people, it's about Open Source

Let's be clear, conferences like KubeCon are as good as those attending. This year in Amsterdam 58% of the people attending (that is 5800 people) were attending for the first time.
5 min read

New year, new salaboy.com

New blog, new initiatives, and loads of Cloud-Native + Kubernetes + Dapr stuff going on.
3 min read