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Drools Workshop @JBCNConf - Updated Project & Setup

Hi everyone, I would love to invite all my readers and also the people attending to the Drools workshop tomorrow (16th June 2: 3pm - 5pm - Spain time (GMT +1)) @JBCNConf to follow the instructions of the repository that we will be using: https://github.com/Salaboy/drools-game-engine/blob/master/README.md

This repository contains a minimalistic Game Engine using Drools to define the logic of the game, some model conformance checking and a suggestions mechanism to assist the player while it is in the game. The main idea of the exercise is to try to write the Rules so all the Tests are green again :)

While you try to write the rules a lot of questions will arise and I will be there trying to answer them and assist you via Twitter or in person, so everyone is invited!

IMPORTANT: The workshop will be done in the "Open Source Way" so, instead of cloning the repository directly to your environment, Fork it! to your github account. This will allow you to send Pull Requests that I can see, comment and even apply depending on the content.